Trade shares from popular markets such as USA with high leverage and low spreads

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Stocks are the shares into which ownership of the company is divided.Companies go public and issue stocks to raise money to develop their business.With NCE, you can speculate on shares prices with CFD without owning the shares themselves.

Advantages of shares trading at NCE

An average execution speed of 20ms
Leverage up to 1:20
Competitive spreads
OTC cash trading
All trading strategies are applicable

Shares products

Commission:Charged in USD when opening a position. 

Average spread:Average spread reflects the long term average level of spreads.For example, when #APPLE's average spread is 0.17, it means the average spread cost for trading 1 lot #APPLE is 17 USD. As there is no commission for shares trading , the total trading cost is 17 USD.

Overnight interest:Overnight interest will accrue for holding orders over server time 00:00. It is tripled on Wednesday as it will not be charged on Saturday and Sunday. The overnight interests are subject to change , please refer to the contract specification on MT4.