Precious Metals

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Precious metals have intrinsic financial value, and many traders hope to use precious metals to hedge against inflation and maintain value. Sufficient liquidity and considerable volatility of metals also provide trading opportunities for short-term speculators. Since the 1970s, precious metals have become the most popular investment commodity.

Advantages of trading precious metals at NCE

An average execution speed of 20ms
Leverage up to 1:500
Tight spreads
Deep liquidity
All trading strategies are applicable

Precious metals products

Commission:USD per 1 lot, charged when opening a position.

Average spread:Average spread reflects the long term average level of spreads. For example, when EURUSD's average spread is 0.000001, it means the average spread cost for trading 1 lot EURUSD is 1 USD. Plus the 3.8 USD commission , the total trading cost is 4.8 USD.

Overnight interest:Overnight interest will accrue for holding orders over server time 00:00. It is tripled on Wednesday as it will not be charged on Saturday and Sunday. The overnight interests are subject to change , please refer to the contract specification on MT4.