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USDT Deposit

Investors all over the world can experience the zero-spread trading environment through this deposit method. 
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USDT Deposit Description

Acceptance Time
Arrival Time
1-10 minutes
Minimum Deposit
200 USDT
Chains Supported
TRC-20 normally, ERC-20 for large funds
Transaction Fee
Free for TRC-20 , a small amount of miners fee for ERC-20
Network Confirmation
Only 1 network confirmation for TRC-20 , 12  for ERC-20
Deposit Conversion
Converted to USD at a 1:1 ratio and instantly deposited into the trading account
Manual Confirmation
No need, unless the deposit has not arrived in the account over 10 minutes
Deposit Tips
Try to copy the deposit address provided by NCE instead of entering it manually. NCE is not responsible for losses caused by investors entering the wrong address
Blockchain Query
After deposit, clients can check the transaction status at
Deposit Address
Please deposit to the address shown in your client area , the address won't change often unless we notify you
Two Chains
Support two chains to deposit. TRC-20 USDT or  ERC-20 USDT.
Cross-platform Transfer
You can deposit by funds transfer from other platforms to NCE if they also support USDT, the arrival time depends on when they process the withdrawal.

NCE attaches great importance to every deposit and withdrawal made by investors, and only when investors understand all the precautions of deposit can they guarantee a timely deposit.
Therefore, we must once again emphasize the precautions for USDT Deposit:

  • Try to avoid deposit only when there is margin call. We cannot guarantee the arrival time of deposit which mainly depends on the efficiency of the blockchain.We advise that clients carry out funds and risk management in advance.
  • Do not carry out other activities when depositing. Once the deposit address is entered incorrectly, it will cause various troubles.
  • Please don't trust anyone including whom claims to be our staff to deposit for you or offer discounts. The only valid deposit address is displayed in your client area. Depositing to other address will result in a loss of funds.
  • If you hold USDT in other digital assets platforms, besides  the efficiency of the blockchain,the arrival time of deposit will depend on the  efficiency of platforms which NCE can't expect.
  • If the funds are not received within 10 minutes , please verify the targer address and search the transaction at the website Need any further help, please contact NCE customer service.


TRC-20 deposit
ERC-20 deposit
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Local bank transfer
Min. deposit: equivalent to $200

We provide P2P deposit methods in multiple countries. This allows investors to use the country's domestic transfer system to complete a fast deposit. The deposit can be processed in a few minutes. Due to various circumstances, please contact the bank customer service in your country to inquire about the deposit.
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