Cooperation Advantages

NCE has opened a door of long-term and honest cooperation to all institutions and individuals who wish to engage in forex and CFDs promotion.
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NCE advantages

Compared with more than 300 popular dealers
Trading cost
Lower than  99%  of dealers
Execution speed
Faster than  98%  of dealers
Deposit and withdrawal processing speed
Faster than  95%  of dealers
Rebate speed
Faster than  93%  of dealers
Rebate policy
Better than  99%  of dealers

Rebate policy

NCE provides a fair and tight-spread environment that well attracts traders, meanwhile we are committed to taking into account the interests of partners. We hope that every partner can truly benefit from cooperation and achieve sustainable development and growth. 
For detailed rebate policy, please talk to our business development staff, and we are happy to have a pleasant communication with you on the topic of industry and cooperation.
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