Crude Oil

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Crude oil is unprocessed petroleum used to produce fuel, raw materials, and chemical products. Due to its close connection with the environment and politics, its price has been fluctuating significantly, attracting a large number of traders. It is called the king of commodities.

Advantages of oil trading at NCE

An average execution speed of 20ms
Leverage up to 1:500
Competitive spreads
Automatic futures rollover
All trading strategies are applicable

Oil products

Commission:USD per 1 lot, charged when opening a position.

Average spread:Average spread reflects the long term average level of spreads.For example, when USoil’s average spread is 0.03, it means the average spread cost for trading 1 lot USoil is 30 USD. As there is no commission for oil trading , the total trading cost is 30 USD.

Overnight fee:Overnight fee will accrue for holding orders over server time 1:00. For crude oil,the fee is tripled on Wednesday as it will not be charged on Saturday and Sunday.The overnight fees are subject to change ,please refer to the contract specification on MT4.

Quotation and delievery:The oil products adopt futures quotation.NCE deals with contract conversion through profit / loss adjustment to the open postions so that the clients don’t have to trade additionally during to the futures maturity.We charge a few negligible overnight fees.